Xone Phone Review – A Smart Bargain on Android Smartphone! [2020]

Xone Phone Review 199

Official Android 5.7" Xone Phone Smartphone

Xone Phone uses the latest technology making it an immersive Android phone. The incredible Xone Phone is a smartphone that offers a true visual experience.


  • Large 5.7″ Multi-Touch IPS Capacitive Screen

  • 4G LTE Fast Internet, Dual Micro & Nano SIM

  • 16MP Dual Back Camera + 5MP Front Camera

  • High Capacity Battery

  • Fingerprint Sensor Unlock

  • Official Android Smartphone


  • Xone Phone is available from the official website and for the Best Price!
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Don’t you wish if your smartphone had features like the top-end android phones and the wild beast iPhone X?

Well, the time for wishing has been over because of Xone Phone. The latest Android software with some incredible built-in features.

Introducing Xone Phone

Xone Phone has the built-in technology of a European company, but the manufacturing took place in China.

You can bet the quality is similar to those smartphones running on the top such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

The revolution in smartphones has been ever-changing for a new feature is discovered every day.

To keep you up to date, Xone Phone is bringing a complete package in user-friendly cost.

This is for individuals who want to try the latest features that appear only in the high priced mobile phones, but not anymore.

Xone Phone Features Explained

The Operating System of Xone Phone works without any lags and is a smooth experience shared by the users.

With beautifully designed hardware, the software comes with the latest updates.

The screen is the main and the best part about Xone Phone which has provided users a notch feature (first time introduced by iPhone X).

Technical Xone Phone Specifications
Xone PhoneTechnical Specifications
Display:5.7 inches IPS with 1498 x 720 pixels
CPU:Mediatek MT6739 4-core 1.3 GHz
GPU:IMG PowerVR GE8100
Internal memory:16GB
Memory extension:up to 128GB
Cameras:16.0MP + 5MP main and 8.0MP front camera
Connectivity:Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.2, and GPS
Battery:3350 mAh(5V/2A)
OS:Android 8.1
Connections:microUSB port and TF card slot
Weight:171.5 grams
Dimensions:149.2 x 72.2 x 9.7 mm

You can see many features you will only find in the high-end mobiles. Let’s take some spotlight on Xone Phone features.

1) Display

Xone Phone has a 5.7-inch screen with HD+ display, the front display occupies the maximum space and the side frames less to enhance the user experience.

On the back panel, you will find the dual camera with a fingerprint sensor and speaker grill for multimedia.

Coming on the screen display, it has 1498 x 720 pixels’ front camera. The total RAM in this phone is 2GB with a 16GB flash memory.

2) Storage

Although Xone Phone comes with built-in 16GB storage, you can expand it to 128GB by inserting an SD card for much bigger files and other apps.

3) Easy to Use

Xone Phone is simple and easy to use than most smartphones available in 2019, the startup set up is finished within a blink and you won’t be needing help from someone who knows so much about phones.

4) Camera

Xone Phone features a dual camera, the first camera is 16 megapixels while the rear one is 5 megapixels.

The rear camera makes sure you won’t miss any details while capturing pictures and videos of high quality.

5) Battery

This is the fun part about Xone Phone, the battery is 3350 mAH, lithium polymer.

This is the best quality battery in the market right now, which serves 290 hours in standby timing and has staggering 9 hours of talk time.

The highly available standby time makes it demanded by users who need a phone that can run for more than a day.

6) Safety

Most companies do not ensure the safety and privacy of the user’s data duet to which security breach and loss of privacy are becoming the latest threats to ordinary consumers.

The Xone Phone company made sure any leakage of private data becomes obsolete for which they introduced face recognition and touch ID.

Xone Phone is the only smartphone in town that can be unlocked by using 5 different fingerprints and you insert in the very first phone setup.

Just take a few seconds to unlock the phone using the fingerprint sensor.

About Xone Phone Safety

The smartphone works as personal data storage these days for the user which contains their private collection of photos, bank account information and social media details that can be misused to the worst degree of conditions.

This is why a smartphone works as a beacon of private data that must ensure full security and privacy.

The ultra-secure face recognition system and touch ID in One Phone works with 5 different fingerprints.

It takes 0.2 seconds for the phone to unlock and there is no way you are going to lose any private data again.

Xone Phone Memory

Not every smartphone can satisfy your need for high storage and at times it leads you deleting pictures and application so you can have some space.

Xone Phone comes with 16GB internal memory and an additional memory card slot in case you want more space.

This will provide you a single and solid platform that is accessible to you at any given time.

Xone Phone Pricing

The official website of Xone Phone has some incredible offers on the first purchase.

You will get free shipping on this phone which is allowed by the very company.

The price for Xone Phone is shockingly good, in $180 you can taste more than just a user experience with this phone.

Right now, the company is providing additional discounts of 50% with other packages.

These packages are mentioned below:

  • Buy 2 Xone Phones and Get 1 for Free. The cost for 2 Xone Phone is $447 on the official store
  • Buy 3 Xone Phones and Get 2 for free, the latest Christmas offer
  • Pay only $547 and get 4 Xone Phones of your chosen color

What Are The Pros and Cons of Xone Phone?

Every phone whether good or bad has some related pros and cons which we would like to mention openly to the users.

Xone Phone has more pros and it has become the sensation of 2019 and the upcoming year.


  • Very affordable price
  • Outstanding display
  • Extra-long battery life
  • The camera is sufficiently good
  • Provide face recognition and fingerprint in small budget
  • Comes with a protective case that prevents external damages


  • The speaker output is relatively low than other smartphones
  • Does not has NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology

Final Verdict about XONE PHONE

You can’t ignore the fact this phone is offering a plethora of features to the users who wants something new in their hands now.

In such a low bargain, it is hard for you to get 24 hours of music time and 7 hours of video which Xone Phone is proudly presenting.

The hardware is a work of art, pours a stylish gimmick and no space is wasted on the screen, the notch features make the display sharper and even more beautiful.

Purchasing multiple Xone Phones can be tremendously helpful and comes under the right budget. 

You will hardly find a phone with an Android 8.1 release and 4-Core CPU with a staggering 3350 battery power.

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