TechWatch Review – The Smartwatch for Health Conscious People! [2020]

TechWatch Review $99.99

TechWatch Smartwatch Review

If you don’t have a Smartphone or smart watch, life seems kind of incomplete as we have become addicted to technology. But there are some good aspects of this technology like TechWatch is offering.


  • Impressive design
  • Stainless steel
  • Heart and fitness monitor
  • Personal voice assistance


  • Stock may runout soon!
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Our sedentary lifestyle these days is the reason for many unhealthy traits that need to be checked.

There was a time when you have to execute some movements in purchasing or getting food to your home, but now you got food trucks to deliver you at your doorsteps, food application allows you to order online and do nothing but sit and wait.

We have lived this life for a decade and all we could see are the major negative and unhealthy changes, amongst which obesity lies on the top.

The same technology that you have been using to order food to your doorsteps can now be used to keep track of your health.

Various smart devices like smartwatches analysis everything you need to know about your body and at the end of the day gives you a summary of the health chart.

It counts the steps you have taken, the calories you have burnt and flights you have climbed.

It also checks your sleep cycle and many other things you can assign it to do like a reminder that comes at handy.

About Smart Watches

Smartwatches have taken a specific portion of interest in all of our heads, which are now running side by side with the smartphones.

Everyone you see now has a smartwatch connected to their mobile phones and these are available at good prices so anybody can afford it.

The right smartwatch gives you a plethora of options as well as comes at a reasonable price, unlike Apple Watch which almost kills your budget for the next 2 months.

To make your life much easier and healthier, TechWatch is a kind of new smartwatch that has gained popularity for obvious reasons.

Let’s get inside what TechWatch us dealing with.

What Is TechWatch?

TechWatch is the latest addition to the gadget domain which offers the same features as the giant smartwatch manufacturers.

The only different thing about TechWatch is the price tag which comes in a very affordable range that everyone could afford.

If you have planned to get your life together, maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan, this piece of the gadget can be a potential part of your journey.

TechWatch allows the user to monitor their health vitals with full precision, this will also remind you of the tasks that you need to perform and don’t want to miss.

We all get busy in different types of work in a single day that we cannot seem to remember what we planned.

The setting of a reminder in TechWatch assures you will never miss any major task from now on. TechWatch most importantly watches the everyday activities of the user and keeps track of it in a detailed way.

This will also check the sleep, heart and pulse rate for you just to make sure your vitals are healthy.

The HD Retina Touch Screen works smoothly than many china made smartwatches you have seen, it is compatible with both famous operating systems which are Android OS and iOS.

This makes it completely well-matched with every smartphone on the planet.

Most people who tried to buy a smartwatch were stunned by the price tag because they could have purchased a whole new smartphone at the same price.

The entry of TechWatch is the living proof that smartwatches are not always expensive.

How TechWatch Works?

People from different professions are using TechWatch and getting the most out of their day.

Whether you are athletes, an office worker or Uber driver, you will have the personal assistant tied to your wrist which is capable of executing multiple tasks for you.

The front and back of TechWatch are made of glass which gives it a stylish and premium look, the straps are pure and comfy silicon, which feels more than just comfortable to wear it the whole day.

Smartwatch like TechWatch is supposed to be worn 24 hours a day so they will keep the detailed data without missing anything important.

You can wear it while going to the jog or before starting gym straining, hell you can use it while swimming.

Potential Features of TechWatch

Providing you the perpetual assistance is the main goal for TechWatch, along with that it comes with the following characteristics.

  • Health Monitoring Functions

The built-in pedometer inside the watch counts every step you have taken throughout the day. The heart rate indicator lets you know if you need to improve it or not, and the calorie follower in the watch is assigned to watch over the calorie intake of you per day. This can be a wholesome data for you to assist various health barriers.

  • Bluetooth Dialer

Not many smartwatches are provided with this feature, you can connect TechWatch to your smartphone and listen to the music without taking the mobile phone out of your pocket. You can also switch between songs if you’d like!

  • HD Touchscreen

The sturdy design and finish of TechWatch come with 240×240 pixels which is the best display for the smartwatch. This won’t disturb the eye-sight while looking at it in the dark.

  • Android and iOS Compatibility

You can count on for so many features regardless of the operating system you are using, TechWatch provides you notifications about the calls, WhatsApp messages, general text messages along with Facebook updates which you don’t wanna miss at all.

  • Set Alarm

You can set alarms in TechWatch to wake up or sleep, depending on your sleep cycle the watch will automatically analyze your sleep pattern and choose the best time suits for your health.

  • Reminder Support

You can set reminders for your family occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and even office meetings are not going to be forgotten.

TechWatch Benefits of Use

You are about to taste the following benefits or we can say user experiences.

  • TechWatch comes with a long-lasting battery life which is the most powerful thing about it. This won’t leave you behind in the middle of the day and it’s not a joke. Upon 100% charging, TechWatch is known to come with 3-5 days of battery life which is very hard to drain.
  • TechWatch is 100% user-friendly, the decent display is very easy to use and users can get adapted to it easily.
  • The great HD display of Techwatch makes it alluring to the users and is clear and colorful. You could read the minor details without straining your eyes to see clearly like it has been reported with the android watch.
  • TechWatch is the must-buy for an active lifestyle, the watch comes with built-in Electrocardiograms (ECG) which read your heart rate and keeps the data recorded.
  • The compatibility of TechWatch is without any hindrance whether you are using an Android mobile phone or iOS device. You will get your mobile phones connected to a gif.
How to Use TechWatch? Directions

After unboxing, here is the quick guide to setup TechWatch.

  • Long press on a power button to start the watch
  • Connect it with your Smartphone using Bluetooth option
  • On the watch screen, touch the health tracker button to see the calorie rate, heart condition, and pedometer details
  • Keeps it wearing during running or walking
  • Long press to read the messages or to reject calls
  • Always recharge the battery for not more than 1 hour

TechWatch Purchase and Pricing

For safety purposes, it is wise to purchase TechWatch from the company’s website.

There are some limited time offers available which upon buying multiple TechWatch can give you a gigantic discount.

After you have placed an order, it will further require 20 days to deliver, if you get a broken or defective watch you can return it after getting in touch with TechWatch support team.

The original price for TechWatch is $159.00 but after a 50% discount you can get it in $79.99.

Final Words about TechWatch

A full count of your total steps with the heart monitoring device, we think at such a good price buying TechWatch is a fair bargain for a healthy life.

TechWatch is not only for health purposes like keeping track of your eating and sleeping habits, but it also provides you the notifications about social media and things you are in touch with.

If you are busy and involved in certain events, storing the reminder for the next day will work like a charm and gets your piece together by not forgetting anything at all.

If you are a music lover, this particular TechWatch can help you listen to your favorite songs and switch between them with ease without even touching the phone.

For getting smart and healthy, choosing TechWatch from the official dealer is only the 1st step

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