Penis Pump Side Effects And The Safest Alternative

Do you know what are the penis pump side effects – Don’t Buy Penis Pumps before you read this detailed review.

No wonder if you have a smaller penis you might have thought about getting a penis pump once in a while.

Penis Pumps side effects

Every man nowadays is really conscious about his penis size because it defines your sexual and personal life as a whole.

Without a big cock, man thinks they are going to end their relationship because of the absence of sexual intimacy which mostly women demands.

It is true that having a large sized penis would bring sundry changes in your personality and penis pump according to many people is the reliable way to enlarge dicks.

True, but as we have been watching every site of male enhancement products we have gathered some facts which might help you to realize what is good for your health or what is not.

Penis pump as we might not know about has many risk factors associated with it.

Common injuries with the use of penis pumps are being increased and users in the different health forum are going crazy about it.

Men who ordered penis enlargement pumps with a great zeal are now instead of complaining about the product which has shown us some serious health issues.

Why People Trust Penis Pumps

Apparently, they are the easiest method to enlarge your cock size.

The user just has to keep it for 10-15 minutes and by the vacuum, it sucked all the air and begin to stretch the penile muscles.

That’s a fact behind its mechanism but the overuse or misuse of these pumps will lead to penile injuries due to which some men cannot simply have sex until their muscles are properly healed.

Let’s talk about some major penis pump side effects.

1. Penile Fracture

case of penile fractureThis is the worst case with overuse of penis pumps. Penile fracture, in other words, is the breakage of tunica albuginea (covering of tissues).

This covering serves major purposes such as hold rigidity and pressure of high intensity, due to over inflation this tube-like structure can be ripped and the only way to repair the damage is surgery.

Men with penile fracture cannot have sex for a couple of months, even after the surgery their penis size decreases in length which we think is the worst nightmare for “Once a Sexually Active” individual.

2. Damage to Major Penile Blood Vessels

Blood vessels play important role in getting the proper erection.

Blood rushes towards the penis top and it stimulates the natural erection phenomenon, unfortunately, due to the excessive or sudden pressure elevation, these blood vessels can be ruptured.

Once the blood vessels are ruptured, you might feel a hell of a pain with no erection for some days.

Even after weeks, you will experience very little erection which is because of improper blood supply to the erectile chamber.

Men who have faced damage to major blood vessels are not recommended to have sex for about 3 months until their blood vessels are completely healed.

Minor Issues With Penis Pumps

Besides the major side effects of penis pumps, here are some minor issues with penis pumps use.

1. Discoloration of Skin

penile skin envelope Penis pumps suck up air which sometimes gives blemish or dark appearance to the penis skin.

Medically there is a term used for that called “Cyanosis” which is basically turning of skin into purple due to lack of oxygen supply.

When you are using penis pump too much, you are depriving your penile cells with oxygen which turn it into the dark purple.

Lack of oxygen for a longer time period can affect the performance and erection quality of a penis.

2. Bruises and Blisters

With too much of friction sometimes there are blisters appeared on the penis head.

These blisters are filled with fluid which will require you to pinprick if you capable of holding enough pain.

The head of a penis is too delicate for any maximum amount of pressure applied which also produces bruises on various sites.

It makes your penis looks dirty as well as unhealthy to your partner.

If you are experiencing bruising at the penis shaft, which has the thickest skin layered on it.

Having bruises (dark colored or sometimes clear) on the thickest skin means you are applying too much of pressure or you might go to rupture the blood vessels soon.

Safe and Effective Alternative to Penis Pumps

The penis is undoubtedly a delicate and the most personal organ in men’s body which needs to be properly nurtured instead of tortured.

By applying penis pumps you are only torturing penis cells, compelling them to grow in size despite their natural rate of growth.

In order to avoid these lethal occurrences, you can instead use male enhancement pills.

Now hold a second, for those who might think these pills are very closely linked to side effects, well we are talking about 100% naturally extracted pills.

Not every male enhancement pill targets the size of your penis but there is one which you can trust with your eyes closed.

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Final Summary

You can find numerous results if you search for penis pump side effects.

The reason why many people are throwing away their pumps is that they are threatened by the intense danger.

Damage to blood vessels and penile fracture are not simple as they might sound.

There are multiple ways which we can recommend so you can find the same results you expected from these phony penis pumps.

Male enhancement pills like Male Extra is our ideal candidate, which is proven by many scientific facts and studies.