Male Extra Side Effects And Ingredients

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Your performance affects when your erections are not solid or live very short. This is in fact, a turn off for women and a cause of dissatisfaction for you.

While there are several things that add to poor erection, there are several remedies to deal with a concern like this.

One very natural, tested and fast remedy we trust is Male Extra. It is a break-through formula that focuses on problems that holds you back under the sheet.

It aims your sex drive and erections to let you embrace your sexuality with confidence.

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Male Extra gets power from its highly natural, active and rewarding ingredients. But before discussing each of its ingredients in detail, let’s discuss how this propriety mix of components works on a whole.

Male Extra basically targets the penile region, the ‘territory’ it is assigned to function at.

When enters into the system, it supports a higher distribution of blood to the area, attending to a number of sex related problems in the very first place.

Now let’s move to the ingredients of Male Extra:

  • L-Arginine HCL: One of the very potent amino acids that will hit your system is L-arginine. L-arginine basically holds great significance pertaining to the male’s sexual concerns as it alters into nitric oxide, benefitting the erections, strength and overall performance in the best possible manner. Much to our knowledge, these male enhancement effects are heavily supported by research.
  • Pomegranate: We already know Pomegranate as an essential fruit for sexual concerns, and thankfully, Male Extra encompasses a healthy amount of it- needing to enjoy quality erections. The agent simply aids in increasing the level of blood that transports to your reproductive organs ensuring you enjoy hard rock, longer and powerful erections that end with orgasms like never before.
  • Methyl sulfonyl methane: The mechanism of this natural sulphur is more or less, similar to that of pomegranate. It too facilitates healthy supply of blood while taking good care of the penile cells and tissues. And not just the care, it further supports their growth, allowing you to experience longer and sensational penetrations.
  • L-Methionine: L-Methionine prevents the alteration of histidine into histamine that is responsible for premature ejaculation. No doubt, the intake of an amino acid like this can greatly increase your timings in bed.
  • Zinc: Then we have an adequate quantity of zinc in Male Extra, which too, is a mineral by nature. Zinc, holds amazing testosterone increasing properties that has a great connection with your sex drive, strength and erections. Men deficient in such a key hormone are more likely to face erectile dysfunction and many other sex related concerns. Not to forget mentioning that a proven agent like Zinc can literally multiply the creation of testosterone- provided that it is taken regularly and in the right concentration.

The list of essential ingredients in Male Extra does not end here. There are many other imperative agents that add to its value like Cordyceps and Niacin.

It is important to note that Cordyceps is an organic aphrodisiac whereas Niacin acts as a blood volumizer to the genital area- both of which of course, ensure high sex drive and better control on erections.

Male Extra erection pills


It may sound good to you that Male Extra is a side effects friendly product that leads to no serious damage, neither internal nor external in any sense. In fact, its regular usage too, is safe and recommended for lifelong results.


You sure want to invest in the right place as it is concerning to your sexual needs, and a wrong decision can worsen things up. However, Male Extra is no typical brand that sells fake promises. It assures quality, effectiveness and safety against your bugs!