How to last longer in bed?

Well, that’s a most frequently asked question by men these days. But really how to do it?

stay last longer in bed

Some men have really a hard time in lasting longer in bed because of the numerous reasons. Sexologists around the world have gathered to discuss the same scenario and all they could conclude is how to help men with this?

Gladly there are certain methods by which you can elongate the time of your sex or in other words, you can LAST LONGER IN BED!

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Why lasting longer is so much important?

There are facts which narrate the same thing “Women likes men to stay longer in bed”. Not just us, but there are so many surveys took place where women want their men to last longer in bed.

For example, a survey in 2012 consisting 900 women was simply meant to ask them about the amount of time they preferred activities during the 16 hour day.

Most women preferred the sexual intimacy at a huge 100 minutes while the rest preferred socializing.

Also, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s poll, about 80% of women want their men to last longer in bed.

It’s instinctual that women desire a lengthy timing, but not every man is capable of reaching to the same level.

porn induced erectile dysfunctionThe reason why Men do not last longer?

Sexual intercourse is the last step for an orgasm, but normally people start up things with it, which is totally wrong and also very short timed.

Intercourse brings an orgasm way faster for MEN but that’s not in the case of women.

You see a woman’s clitoris gets too little stimulation by sexual intercourse which is why they start to want fast and deep insertion. The penis tip of men is too much sense for a long insertion so most men get wet in just a few minutes.

Which is why we are providing you some useful techniques to help you linger this pleasuring process.

6 Techniques to develop a lengthy bed time!

These methods were extracted from top sexologists and urologists after analyzing the most basic things which people tend to miss while having sex.

1. Masturbation

A simple and easy method which is why we have placed it at # 1st. When you plan to have sex, try to masturbate the same day i.e 5-6 hours earlier.

When you do so, you probably will notice that it will take quite a time for you to reach the orgasm which is also the second time of the day.

After you masturbate, your body goes into the refractory period, which is actually a recovery time your body is taking to regenerate set of Testosterone for the next session.

This particular period will certainly elongate the time of your ejaculation as well.

2. Sex Positions

Different sex positions have different times for ejaculation. There are certain types of sex positions which allow you to delay the orgasm in a perfect way.

Like those positions which involve little penetration or inserting just the top side of the penis. The more you push deeply, more will be the stimulation to have an orgasm.

Not everybody is a pro at managing the positions during sex but some positions are really easy that one can definitely try in order to last longer.

These positions do not require to flexibility like the woman on top, doing it perpendicularly (Rubbing the tip of the penis against the vulva), spooning or some altered doggy style which is simply when a girl is lying on her belly instead of her knees.

3. Try to have more Foreplay

Foreplay is the best practice to build up a slow stimulation, which lasts for longer.

Now, there are many types of foreplay, which allows your penis to adapt to the slow build up an environment, so when you have an intercourse your penis will take comparatively more time to ejaculate than it used to before.

4. Grabbing and Squeezing

This can be applied to men do at the time of foreplay, but in this definition, as you get close to orgasm, allow your partner to grab and squeeze your penis until the desires for ejaculation diminishes.

This will buy you some more time.

5. Start and Stop Method

Do not immediately start it over after you have stopped because the closer you were to orgasm when you stopped, the least effort you’d need to ejaculate.

Do not start too fast, just stop and do it in a calm way like you have planned it. Once you master this skill there will be a little time required to stop and more time in the start period.

6. Sprays for lasting longer

Sprays which desensitize your penis are proven to be effective but with minimal side effects.

We prefer the high-quality product which will provide you greater control over orgasm with no loss of sexual feelings. Search for some desensitizing sprays and you will find some of the best one online.


Other Options

These 6 methods are basically the ones which people neglect on a daily basis.

Buy Male ExtraOther methods which can enable you to stay for longer are, Using a thick condom, divert your mind while you are about to get an orgasm or talk to your partner instead of continuing.


In many situations, your partner may want you to see a doctor in case of premature ejaculation.

There are so many on prescription drugs available for premature ejaculation which can treat your condition as well as can save your relationship.

Note that these medications might offer some side effects so before going for them tell your doctor if you had cardio or nephrotic related conditions in the past.

Also, there are over the counter supplements available in order to build and improve the level of your stamina.

Most men tend to have a fast orgasm because the level of testosterone in their body is not maintained.

Try to talk to your friends if they have tried something about it.

In a Nutshell

A long sex can lead to enhanced intimacy between two people, which further leads to a healthy relationship.

Healthy relation means you have a stronger bond which will make you a better, sharp and confident person. While some people are weak at it, described methods above may help you save your manhood so start it from today!