Kegel Exercises For Men

These are referred to the exercises that are recommended and performed for better bladder control (urinary incontinence). However, performing these exercises on a regular pace will greatly benefit you in other ways as well. I mean, these will help you in improving your general sexual health. Want to know how kegels can help you in terms of male enhancement purpose?


Kegels are proven to help with:

  1. Hardcore erections.
  2. Intense orgasms.
  3. Quality erections.
  4. Improved penis health.

Incorporating jelqing with male enhancement exercises will double your results in terms of:

  1. Better erection control.
  2. Improved blood circulation to the genital regions.
  3. Better gains.

There are many devices that intend to improve your sexual health. However, why spend money when you can make wonders through your own hands! So, before you start, you need to find out or say identify where your pubococcygeus muscle is!


Well, before you start with the exercises, you need to determine where exactly your PC muscle is. Remember, your PC muscle is the one that you will be compressing and releasing. Determining its location is pretty simple since you are not using any tool in the case. Just:

  1. Pass half of your urine in a normal flow and stop it midway. If stopping is difficult, at least try to slow down the flow.
  2. Now feel the exact muscle that has helped you stop the flow. If you have managed to assume the one that has controlled your urine from passing, then this means you have determined the position of pubococcygeusmuscle successfully!

Now, it’s time to start with the exercises!



You can select any from the 3 exercises. However, it is better if you begin with the basic one first so that you can efficiently move on to the advance ones later. Interestingly, you can conduct this basic exercise anywhere you feel comfortable, plus there is no time limit or specification for better results. It can also be performed in any position for example while you are lying down, sitting etc.

  1. Compress your pubococcygeusmuscle for at least 3 seconds and release it for 3 seconds. After this, follow the procedure for 5 times. Now, take a gap of 10 seconds before starting with the second set.
  2. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for a second and release it for a second. Continue the process for 10 times. Now, take a break for 10 seconds before starting the process again. This time, you need to perform 3 sets.
  3. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for 8 seconds and release it for 4 seconds. Continue the process for 4 times.

Well, to master the act, you must begin with the simpler part. Gradually, when you get a good grip on the process, you can compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for extended period of times. Ideally, conducting the exercises for once every day will give you better results; however, one must strictly avoid overtraining the muscle.


Now, it’s time for a hot wrap! It involves a piece of towel soaked in warm water that needs to be covered on your penile. Interestingly, this will warm up your penile that will work to widen your blood vessels. As your blood vessels dilate, the supply of blood to your penile will rise. Remember, the act needs to be done while performing kegel exercises.

  1. Hold your semi erect penile in a horizontal position.
  2. Cover the shaft with a hot wrap.
  3. Carry out the kegel exercises.
  4. Replace the wrap with another hot wrap when it no longer remains hot.


Now, it’s time to perform kegels, hot wrap and stretches, simultaneously. A mixture of these will work to deliver enhanced results in terms of size gains and quality erections. So, let’s start:

  1. Using a hot wrap, cover the shaft of your semi erect penis while holding it horizontally.
  2. Grip the penile behind the glans. Now, gently pull the foreskin of the penile.
  3. Gradually and steadily, pull the penile forward. Remember, the stretching has to be comfortable so the process does not lead to discomfort or pain.
  4. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for 6 seconds while gripping the stretch. Relax your pubocyccygeus muscle and do the process again.

So, these are the exercises that are commonly practiced by men for the enhancement purpose. Since these are natural techniques, therefore, would definitely take time to deliver favorable results. However, one must perform these consistently for better gains. For people expecting fast and quick gains, must consider options like male enhancement surgeries.

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