Natural Techniques To Increase Penis Girth!

Male penis’s girth is of greater importance than the length, according to the survey held amongst women where the majority of females’ preferred thick sized penis than the one which is extra-long.

One of the simplest technique by which you can increase Penis Girth is frequent massage on a daily basis.

But again, there are various massaging techniques too which most men do not know about and sometimes ended up damaging their penis structure.

Damaging penis can be potentially dangerous as well as it can put your sexual life in jeopardy.

It takes experts’ advice to apply certain techniques to your penis to increase the girth of it which is why no man should apply these exercise techniques unless he knows it.

With these simple techniques, we do not promise to increase the length of your penis but we are 100% sure that after this you will find some increased circumference along with better quality erection.

Secret to naturally increase Penis Girth

how to increase penis girthA thin penis doesn’t mean you are never going to have sex in your life, but it surely affects your performance and the level of satisfaction.

Below are the given steps by which you can add some size to the girth (thickness) of your penis in a very short period of time.

Yes, you don’t need any kind of penis enhancement supplements nor the penis enlarging pumps.

It is markedly safer to increase penis girth with these natural ways.

Thick penis offers you and your partner massive satisfaction level, which improves sexual empathy amongst individuals.

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Are you ready to experience the thickened girth all by natural means?

1) Penis Massage

There are many debates about how and when to massage your penis so that its girth can be enhanced.

massage for men

Well, for the starters penile massage is a great technique for everyone who’s looking to increase the overall size of the penis.

You can massage your penis at the time of full or mild erection, the reason behind this is simple yet scientific.

When your penis gets hard the blood rushes to the penile tissues in a frequent manner which is according to many health experts is the right time to massage the base of your penis.

While massaging, it is mandatory that the proper amount of blood reaches to your penis and goes till the tip. Therefore, massaging a penis which is not erect would not give you any benefit out of it.

Manuals for Penile Exercise

When you go to the gym, you are offered to consult with a personal trainer or gym expert which helps you easing the process by telling you the tested exercises techniques.

In case of your penis health, you also have to rely on a tested manual which is comprised of the tested and useful techniques.

Note that the matter of penis exercise should not be taken lightly as in the case of wrong techniques one might damage its penis.

Some men have reportedly damaged their penis structure by following untested exercise techniques.

You also have to be punctual and patience because once you skip a day or two your penis shape will go back to the original form which is why you have to be fully dedicated to it.

2. Essential Male Hormone

As mentioned above, increasing penis girth by natural techniques is only possible when your body is not devoid of the important male hormones such as Testosterone.

Boost testosterone

It is necessary for a penis to have proper blood supply at the time of massage because the more it soaks hormone-enriched blood, the more benefits you are gonna get with it.

The level of Testosterone goes to the decline phase with the age, also some factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive fast food consumption can decrease its rate in the male body.

Testosterone deficiency can also lead to the condition of erection dysfunction.

How to elevate the Testosterone level?

Testosterone is the key hormone which loads a man with sufficient foreplay and sexual abilities.

The hormone is also responsible to develop proper muscle mass in your body and makes it more appealing to the women.

Some men’s body cannot produce sufficient amount of Testosterone for which many herbal supplements are available in the market i.e Testogen, TestoMax.

Once the level of Testosterone is fully controlled in your body, chances of increase penis girth with these basic massaging techniques will get double.

3. Delaying Orgasm/Ejaculation

Once you master the massaging techniques and generate adequate amounts of Testosterone, there is one more thing you need to master for the best results.

mens orgasm

Delaying ejaculation is considered unhealthy normally, but in reality, it is key to sustain the maximum amount of sex hormones in your body for a longer period of time.

Why is it important?

Stopping the orgasm to occur will directly increase the level of free Testosterone in your body.

An excessive buildup of hormones in the penis is beneficial especially at the time of massage which gives you triple the advantage.

Those who wish to increase the size of their penis girth by 15-20%, you should master this trick for the best results.

Delaying ejaculation can also help you stay longer during sex and increase your timing.

The reason why most men can only stay for 2 minutes is that they cannot delay their orgasm and burst it all out.

They do not have a tendency to stop it from occurring as their penis muscles are weaker than those who have mastered this skill of delaying ejaculation.

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Final Verdict

Penis girth enlargement is not to be taken non-seriously as it can affect your overall sexual existence.

The tested manuals by some health expert involve diagrammatic illustrations which makes it further easier for you to apply these exercise techniques in an agreed way without damaging your penile muscles.

The proper level of Male Hormone is essential for a harder and longer erection which is necessary at the time of massage.

Men who have followed these techniques in a right manner can see the results in only some days, but mind it, punctuality is the key!