Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance

Do you think that a medical treatment is the only option you can pursue to improve your sexual health? Well if yes, then trust me, you are completely wrong here! There is lot more YOU can actually do to make your sex life spicier and appealing! That’s true!

Well, I would not ask you to make major differences in your lifestyle, something you all will find impossible to make in your busy routines! Few minor changes are what that’s enough to enhance and improve your sexual health naturally! So, what are these amendments, the key to prevent impotence and give your hundred percent in bed, have a look:


Well, the very first rule to enhance your sexual health is to eat healthy, as much as you can. Avoid consuming foods that include excessive sugar, rather, go for organic foods. Few things that need to be kept in mind prior making your diet chart are:

  1. Avoid grain carbs and organic products as much as you can.
  2. Add fresh fruits like pomegranate and vegetables to your diet chart.
  3. Take small amount of organic protein.
  4. Replace unhealthy fats from the junk and processed foods by healthy fats (in the form of meats, egg yolks, dairy items etc).


Physical activity is also important for a healthy body, as eating healthy is. Exercising for a minimum time period of 20 minutes a day is very important for you to cut excess fat and reduce the chances of medical conditions like cardiovascular disease. However when it comes to sexual health, an improvement in physical activity helps to maintain the concentration of some very significant hormones like HGH and testosterone in the body.


Consider intermittent fasting. The cycle is proven to accelerate the making of testosterone, human growth hormone, leptin, insulin and many crucial hormones in the body. As men age, the levels of testosterone tend to decrease.

This particular approach helps to regularize the levels of this imperative male sex hormone for you to maintain a healthy sex life. Apart from stimulating the production of homones, it also helps to boost libido.


Vitamin D is very important for men to prevent themselves against problems like erectile dysfunction. For those who do not know what the problem is all about, men with the concern fail to hold their erections longer enough to the point of satisfaction. Plus, erectile dysfunction is also marked by soft erections. So, vitamin D is very important for men to avoid this very problem. Vitamin D can be obtained from a natural source like sun. Thus, expose yourself to reasonable sunlight every day! Apart from preventing you against erectile dysfunction, vitamin D is also essential for stimulating the growth of testosterone.


Proper sleep and rest is what will enable you to perform better in bed. Thus, to enhance your sexual performance and energy, men must ensure to take proper rest and sleep.

Stress and depression can negatively impact your sexual desire and performance. Thus, avoid yourself from being stressed and depressed all day.

Even though, stress cannot be completely avoided or overcome considering our demanding lifestyles, yet one can try anti- stress techniques to cope with it to some point. As far as depression is concerned, seek medical assistance or try to communicate and discuss your problems with the one you are more close to. My piece of advice is to focus and think of the brighter side, rather over thinking about the problems you cannot do anything about.


Medications such as the ones for hypertension, depression, pain and allergies are proven to affect sexual performance to a considerable point. Thus, one must avoid using medicines as much as possible. Not just this, over usage of medication also raises the likelihood of certain types of erectile dysfunction, or worse, impotence!

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