How To Increase Sex Drive

How to increase sex drive and boost low libido in men!

Desires of sex are not by birth traits, they develop after a certain age.

The peaks of sexual desires are significant in late teens till 30’s and slows down in 40’s same for both men and women.

It is an important aspect in life and no one can just ignore it completely.

Marriage and relationships are ways to cope up these desires but sometimes things are just not enough for any of the partner in a relationship.

Not giving a pleasing performance in bed is more nerve wracking for men as compare to women and they feel ashamed about it as much that they don’t even want to talk about it which can only worsen the problem.

There are numerous factors which can be involved with male sex drive. The common ones are age, psychology and diseases.

Common factors for low sex drive in men


As every organ in your body grows with age so as your genitals grows and get weaken with age in late 40’s the testosterone level in male body might don’t become as much low but hormones like sex hormone binding globulin (SHGB) releases and bind with testosterone and decreases its available concentration in body.

This phenomenon also affects the sex organ as well as the sex drive.

Age and sex organs:

As male gets aged their genitals start sagging, age also influence their functioning and testosterone levels in body which have significant role in virility.

The up till reported age affects on male genitals are:

  • In some men size of organs becomes smaller.
  • Organs might become curvy.
  • Shrinkage of testicles.
  • Body hairs become thin and grey.
  • Body organs lack masculine appearance and become saggy.
  • Penis functioning is compromised, the sensitivity to organs becomes less as male age an require more work for getting started.


Depression and anxiety can really affect the libido.

As brain is the stimuli where it all gets started and if brain is not good in health this can affect the sexual performance in various ways.

The neurotransmitters in brain are responsible for body activation for intimacy and love but depressed and stressed brains can lack in functioning of neurotransmitter which effects the overall physical experience in certain ways:

  • Lowered libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • No orgasms.
  • No happy feelings after intimacy.


There are certain anti-depressants which can affect the brain neurotransmitters the same neurotransmitters which are involved in sexual stimulus.

The anti-depressants involved most in this reaction are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

These medications interferes the nerve pathways linked to sexual arousal and results in sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculations.

Relationship problems:

If two individuals are not happy in a relationship because of certain reasons they can find sex a difficult and forceful task.

In unhappy relationships libido decreases up to 0% and partners don’t feel any attraction for each other at all.

In number of marriages and relationships before divorces and breakups a long period of no sex routine is seen, proving the tension and chemistry between partners have a lot to do with intimacy.

Other psychological effects

Many men have sexual drive issues because of too much exposure to sexually explicit content often results in premature ejaculations in male.

A lot of unethical sexual activities like masturbation can also result in premature ejaculations.

Addiction to pornographic material can also affect sexual arousal issues.

Instead of getting aroused at physical touch one required certain pornographic materials to feel amp-up for intimacy.

Low testosterone:

Males can have hormonal imbalances in their body at any age which effect their organ and performance under the sheets as well.

The hormone mainly involves in men for sexual development and functioning is testosterone.

The levels of testosterone get disturbs for many reasons such as age.

The low levels of testosterone can cause sexual issues such as erectile-dysfunction, low libido and decreased function of sexual organs.

How To Increase Sex Drive

Nearly every medical condition has solution in this century so as sex drive issues.

For serious cases a medical as well as psychological treatment is required. In some cases problem can be physical and in some it can be just psychological.

Psychological solutions:

Certain problems in sex drive can be of psychological origins and instead medicines psychological therapy or couple counseling are required.

The general changes and tricks recommend by psychologist are as follows:

Spice-up the routine:

The same routine life can cause boredom and influence on mood of both partners this can be a big cause of low libido in relationships.

Change of scenarios like a new paint on bedroom walls, cooking favorite dishes for each other

Discuss the needs:

The sex is a mutual requirement, fantasies and demands are from both sides of string.

When you feel unsatisfied or felt like you are not getting what you want in a relationship it is recommended to get a hold of situation discuss the things you both want and desire of getting in a relation, try new kinks in your night routines.

Surprise each other:

Surprise is good for health it somewhat generates the same feelings as people have after sex.

Arranging a candle light dinner, a new hair cut or a dress of your spouse’s favorite color can really give good outcomes.

Changing the perception for seduction:

Pornography addicts are gone through such therapies where they are treated to change their arousal patterns because the sexual activation is only arise in them by pornographic content not by an actual opposite sex available physically.

Medicinal solutions:

The sex drive issues because of low testosterone need medications for its treatment.

Intake of synthetic hormones:

The testosterone are injected in the person to overcome the low hormonal levels in the body.

This medicine is doctor prescribed and done in a clinic, following all the hygienic protocols.

Tablets and capsules are also available for treatment of these issues.

But there are cases in which this treatment doesn’t suit many patients as hormones are synthetic or semi synthetic in nature.


Many supplements are available in market and are reported to be finely working to overcome sex drive issues of physical origin.

One of these supplements is Male Extra.

Description of male extra ?

Male extra is a supplement for enhancement of male performance under the sheets.

It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited a much known brand name in the supplement industry.

The male extra is made up of natural ingredients and the highly attractive features of this supplement are:

  • Its ingredients are FDA approved.
  • No side effects are reported till now.
  • Clinical proves available for efficacy of its ingredients for increase manhood.
  • Testimonials are available of its effectiveness.
  • Revitalizes genitals by increasing blood flow around them.

Male Extra is a try worthy product but a doctor check up and prescription is required for it, to determine the basic cause underneath your poor performance in bed.

Surgeries and devices:

In some cases the vacuum devices and penile implantation are the solution to treat these issues.

Penile implantation is usually done to treat erectile dysfunctions.


The issues of sex life are no joke, a bunch of divorces happen just because of it.

The things which worsen it is not talking about these things and hiding them out of embarrassment.

Hiding such issues is not a solution but when you discuss it with your spouse and family doctor you will surely get treated, enjoy the life ahead at fullest.

One of these solutions is Male Extra a proven male sexual performance enhancer with all natural ingredients and zero side effects.