Guide to a Bigger Penis 2016

We have commonly heard women saying size does not matter! However, studies and reports narrate a different story! According to them, size is something that does not matter, but what penis actually does, is what greatly matters!

If this is to be believed, then why do they hire male strippers or why every porn star has a larger sized penile? As per a study, men with larger penises are most desired by women.

Facts like these make men think about their penis size on a serious note! They seek means that can help them increase their penile size. As per a study, out of every ten men, three are not happy with the size of their penile. Interestingly, willing to increase inches to your penile size is something that’s totally fine!

We all want to be impressive for the opposite gender and improving or working on something that attracts them the most is no bad thing! But the question which arises here is, is making your penile bigger that easy, as it apparently seems?  Well, the answer is clear No! It is not that easy!


Yes, you can increase your size gains but how conveniently, depends upon what approach you follow! Well, this simple means that increasing your penile size is possible; however, how easily you manage to get the desired results is dependent upon the method you go for!

Internet is filled with penis enlargement exercises all that aim to increase your penile size naturally. But when it comes to penile exercises, conducting them in an accurate manner is something that’s most important. If not, then these exercises will lead to no results and may increase the possibilities of other complications.

Thus, one cannot rely and try doing exercises after reading articles based on penile exercises. In order to carry out these exercises properly, one must have thorough guidelines with visual examples. In such a case, going for a good penis enlargement product is a better choice.

Once you jump into the pool of male enhancement market, you will witness how well the market is equipped with penis enlargement products. Though, whether or not all of these are effective and safe, cannot be said.

Apart from products that intend to help you get a bigger penis, there are even surgical options then men pursue for bigger penises. Then again, surgical options are not always effective and for many, these have turned out to be a decision they will regret their entire life.


Nearly every enlargement solution tends to be product based. Since the number of men willing to increase their penile size is countless, thus the male enhancement market, being a profitable industry, is saturated with thousands of products, all with promising results.

In such a case, where demand is more, the possibilities of exploitation are also more! Therefore, getting yourself a right product is more like a challenge!

When it comes to choosing a method to increase your penile size, few things you need to ensure that whether or not the product is a worth buy, the brand you are going for, is it proven to work, has it helped others with the same purpose etc. Remember, an informed decision is something that will help you get the desired results.


If asked, I would recommend you to consider penis stretchers for penis enlargement purpose. Yeah, but while choosing a penis stretcher, you need to make sure that you go for a reputed brand, a brand that has proven to work for others. You may find many penis enlargement devices in the market, but doing some research work at your end will help you get your hands on a good brand!

Penis StrechPenis stretchers utilizes traction technique for the stretching of your penile, however, not every device is effective in increasing your penile size. One good penis stretcher I would recommend you at this point is SizeGenetics. This penis stretcher:

  1. Works to increase the size and girth of penile.
  2. Cater problems like erectile dysfunction.
  3. Works very effectively.
  4. Causes no harm to the penile.
  5. Is affordable and proven to work.


Male enhancement supplement is also a good option for the ones willing to add inches in their penile size. Choosing a natural male enhancement supplement will not just help you to increase the length of penile, but will also help to improve your overall sexuality. If asked, I would recommend you Male Extra!

Interestingly, if you manage to follow a right technique which is not just effective, but is safe, then this clearly means that you have actually won half of this battle! Yeah, that’s true!

The product can help you:

  1. Increase the size of your penile for up to 2.6”
  2. Help you with stronger and longer erections.
  3. Increase your sexual stamina and sex drive.
  4. Is proven to work effectively.
  5. Does not possess side effects.

So, these are some proven and safe techniques you can pursue for the improvement in your penile size.