Knowing everything about your penis is very important for apparent reasons! It is the sign of your manhood, organ that helps to reproduce and most importantly, an indicator of your general health! Yes, you heard it right; it is an indicator of your overall health! How, you will get to know in this piece of writing!

There are certain things that falls into the category of things you ‘must-know’ about your penile, so what are these things, and why are these important to be known, have a look:


Well, the penile size of porn stars is more like a desire for every man, however, one thing that needs to be understood is that the average size of a penile during erection is supposed to be 5” whereas 3.5” while it is flaccid. Thus, you do not need to worry if your penis does not length as big as the ones of porn stars! To your surprise, there are other things like physical appearance, bonding and quality erections that matters more to women!

Yet, if you still feel your penis size smaller enough to please your girl in bed, you can do lot more to increase few inches naturally! Yes, you heard it right! Male Extra, is a proven formula that can help you increase your penile size by up to 2.8”! Apart from this, the supplement is also considered by men willing to boost their sexual health!


Penile curvature is common in men of all ages. It is marked by a penis that is either slightly or considerably bent towards left or right side. Interestingly, a slight bend is known to cause no harm to your penile, however, a major curve can greatly trouble you at the time of sexual intercourse. That is, the constant penetration at the time of sex can cause you pain and discomfort and thus, affect your sexual performance greatly.

Mostly, the common reason of curvature is Peyronie’s disease. However, what causes the problem is yet to be known. Fortunately, you take efforts to straighten up the curve in your penile.


You must regularly examine the skin of your penis, as like the skin of your other body parts, it is also develop skin problems like pimples, eczema and vitiligo. If you do not want such problems to affect you, then you must ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene.

However, one must seek medical assistance in case of noticing any unusual changes or growth on the skin.All thanks to the advancement in technology, you can seek effective and natural methods to fix this distressing problem conveniently. One good treatment option is penis stretchers.


Zipper can cause penile injuries. In case you spot an injury, do not delay to seek medical assistance. However, one must be sure whether the injury is caused by the zipper or by human teeth. You may be wondering about the difference between the two, after all an injury is an injury! Well, to your surprise, there is a huge difference between the two, as zipper cannot harbor bacteria like the latter! Therefore, the treatment for both the type of injuries is different!

Interestingly, your penis does not have any bone, yet it may become fractured! Well, not in that sense actually! But the symptoms are more or less, same as the ones of a typical bone fracture. For example intense pain, marks, popping sound etc. In such a case, one must seek medical help immediately.


One thing you need to observe is your erection’s quality. Problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are known to affect the quality of erections to a considerable point. Not just this, taking too much of antidepressants and pain killers can also impact your sexual health. Thus, one must avoid taking unnecessary medication as much as possible. Plus, you can also use male enhancement supplements to improve the quality of your erections. As noted above, Male extra is one good male enhancement supplement that is known and proven for its multi-purpose nature. The product not just works to add inches to your penile length, but also works to improve the quality of your erections!


To your surprise, the heart and penis tends to be greatly connected with each other. In case you notice any drastic changes in your erections, then this may be an indication towards a serious problem. Get yourself examined to negate the possibilities of any heart disease. To keep your penis healthy, keep your heart healthy!

So, these were the 7 things you must keep a check for! Remember, your penis is the most crucial organ of your body, thus, maximum efforts should be taken to keep it healthy and sound.

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