Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Causes of erectile dysfunction in 40s

Erectile Dysfunction is becoming one of the alarming conditions of men who are in their 40’s. Usually, it is considered that it can only occur to old aged men, but that’s not the case, in recent years, many young cases were found who is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In simple words, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for a required period of time to perform sex.

This condition can be both heartbreaking and dangerous to any relationship.

In a study a fact that has taken the attention of many experts is that up to 40% of men who are in their 40’s affected by ED and 75% among them don’t wish to find a treatment.

Why aren’t they seeking treatment?

Because they don’t even know how it occurred at first place and they don’t actually know what causes erectile dysfunction in older males?

When a man reaches to his 40, some factors are clearly associated that causes erectile dysfunction to take place.

If you are in your 40s and you are facing these problems somehow then you must have to know how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently

What Is The Main Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction ?

1. Stress

Stress is the sex killer some health expert says.

When a man reaches to his 40 he is obliged to many responsibilities such as looking for financial stabilities, his family demands, professional life and other factors.

These things make anyone stress and that’s a fact.

The stress doesn’t let you perform well in bed because of the rise in cortisol hormone, a stress hormone which constricts the blood vessels due to which your blood pressure increases.

The main cause for erectile dysfunction is lack of erection which is caused by the improper blood supply to the penis muscles.

You can’t get an erection when your blood vessels are jammed and packed.

2. Depression, Anxiety

Depression and anxiety make everything less attractive and gloomy, which once used to make you happy.

Things like sexual satisfaction and passion in sex get completely lost as your libido level goes decline.

Due to lack of libido, there are no excite pulses to make your penis harder, which then results in the first episode of erection problem or ED.

Either you are depressed which is why you are suffering from ED, or it is ED because of which you are getting depressed.

This circle goes infinitely if left untreated.

3. Drug Abuse

Men in 40’s are usually fed up with excessive drinking or the use of other recreational substance but some men are still a part of these activities.

Bad news for them that the chances of Erectile Dysfunction are highest in these individuals, especially those who take abuse them in excess.

Alcohol consumption has been proven a main factor which causes erection dysfunction.

According to many schools of thoughts, alcohol use is directly proportional to the occurrence of ED.

To avoid the erection issue during sex it is mandatory to quit alcohol consumption for a particular time period.

Men who have used illicit drugs like heroin, ecstasy or even marijuana are prone to erectile dysfunction.

These drugs have a negative effect on your sexual performance which decreases every time you use them.

Some drugs keep your body to feel any sexual touch while some decreases the testosterone level, a male hormone prerequisite for harder and stronger erection.

Also, there are drugs which cause hindrance in the path of your ejaculation which fails you to achieve orgasm.

4. Dietary Causes

Men with age change their diet, which is definitely less healthy than it used to be.

The intake of salt and sugar gets really high which is the main reason why this needs to be shown.

Excessive consumption of salt and sugar is not only bad for your body system, but it also greatly affects your sex life.

Some conditions which contribute greatly to Erectile Dysfunction are:

a) Obesity:

Normally, if you have BMI more than 30 you are considered as obese.

Obesity can cause difficulties in achieving an erection due to the lack of sex hormones like testosterone, which ignites your sex drive in a best possible way.

Nevertheless, this situation also invites diabetes to kick in, which is also bad for men’s sexuality.

b) Diabetes:

When a man suffers from diabetes, his blood circulating process gets slower due to the compromised endothelial system.

Lack of blood supply to the penile region causes erection problems because penis needs a blood rush in order to get harder which in this case is just a hope.

c) Elevated Blood Pressure:

Occurs to most men in their middle age and in the situation, the vascular system is weakened. 3

About 60% of middle-aged men are prone to suffer from heart disease, but with a strict diet plan, one can take control on his vascular health.

If not treated, the failure in vascular system can result in erectile dysfunction due to lack of blood supply.

Proper blood flow is the key to acquiring full harder and stronger erection, anything that disturbs your cardiovascular system will surely affect your erection quality.

Obstruction in penis blood flow will cause you sex-free life which not every man can afford.

5. Medications

Can Viagra cure ED permanently?

If you are thinking about to take Viagra to treat ED permanently then you might be wrong because medications like Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction have a history of long-term side effects which makes them less reliable.

Some of the side effects of these medicines are impotence which is totally opposite of gaining an erection.

Taking care of your health with a strict dietary regimen and proper exercise can help you to avoid this issue.

If you are suffering from ED more than a year, then choosing natural supplements to gain a harder erection can be one choice.

Allopathic medications will just worsen the issue than it really is.


Men in their 40’s are quite susceptible to erectile dysfunction because there are plenty of reasons.

Their physical exercise is completely lost along with unhealthy diet, which is two basic reasons.

Men with erectile dysfunction in 40’s can be harder to treat because they are already filled up with many things including psychological disturbances.

It is wise to visit your physician A.S.A.P and consider all erectile dysfunction treatment options if you are experiencing any sign of ED before it invites much more serious health problems.