Drone X Pro Review – The Best Drones to Buy in 2020! [User Guide]

Drone X Pro Review

Drone with Camera Live Video, Drone X Pro

Drones are the fun thing to play with but they are not just a regular piece of technology, the photography and choreography personalities rely on the use of Drones so much these days.

Drones are UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology which is evolving with time passes. Some drones look similar but they differ in various aspects such as the aerodynamics of the drone, material of manufacturing, chipset, software, and circuit board, etc.

Now and then a new model of Drone pops up, featuring better specs every time they launch a new one, DroneX Pro is the main contributor and a prime photo selector if you are a fan of shooting videos and pictures.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ultra-compact size and foldable design – perfect to carry around in the pocket
  • Intuitive and smooth controls make it easy to fly for everyone
  • 720PHD rotating camera allows you to take high-quality photos and videos from unseen angles
  • 120° wide angle lens “broadens your vision”


  • little expensive
  • 720 hd only
  • not shipped worldwide
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What Is DroneX Pro?

DroneX Pro is a compact-sized newly designed video shooting drone that allows users to take a photo from high above the ground.

The DroneX Pro company made sure this gadget is user-friendly and affordable with many budgets.

It is that’s why the fastest picture shooting drone available right now that gets ready within 30 minutes and very easy to use as well.

A group of two engineers designed DroneX Pro who thought the large and heavy size of regular drones makes it difficult for users to take it anywhere they like.

The lightweight of this drone comes with inexpensive prices featuring the same specs as top-notched drones online.

About DroneX Pro Key Features

Look at the fabulous design of this thing, packed with world-class features and countless things to explore.

Here we found out in the DroneX Pro as the key features:

  • DroneX Pro can be folded and the design ensures ease in portability and functionality
  • You don’t need to be skilled to fly DroneX Pro, the product is very easy to use without the complex details
  • The high-tech engineering comes in a lightweight design that gives the high-end performance
  • Crispy videos and picture result without spending money on professional drones
  • DroneX Pro comes with a built-in camera that shoots professional-quality photos and videos in just a click
  • Completely portable, non-heavy and user-friendly tech

A Guide about How to Use DroneX Pro

Remember the 3 easy steps provided below that can get you familiar with this unique drone.

  1. First of all, the foldable drones pro need to be unfolded so the first step is to open it when it’s folded/closed
  2. Attach the DroneX Pro remote to your phone, this way you would see everything shown by the camera
  3. Away you go! Start flying drone and taking a picture is just one click away
  4. The remote will show you more features as you beginning to fly

Setting Up DroneX Pro

For beginners, DroneX Pro is quite friendly which doesn’t ask you to go through the manuals and get perplexed with the details.

This simple instructional guide can be enough to let you know how to set up your DroneX Pro for the first time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unbox DroneX Pro
  2. Charge DroneX Pro for 1 hour
  3. In the manual guide, there will be a QR code which you need to scan
  4. QR Code will take you to the app in Play store or Appstore
  5. Install the application
  6. After installing the DroneX Pro app, run the step that will take about 10-15 minutes before the drone is activated

10 Best Benefits of DroneX Pro

Besides being portable, you will find nearly a dozen benefits in DroneX Pro for your photoshoot and video editing purposes.

1) Steady and Straight Flight

DroneX Pro features an altitude hold mode function that conveys the ultimate user experience by stabilizing the drone while flying.

2) High-Quality Pictures

DroneX Pro features a dual camera, each camera is coming with a wide-angle lens that shorts high-resolution pictures and videos.

3) Use Phone as Remote Control

DroneX Pro features built-in wi-fi which lets users connect the drone with their phone using the app. Whether you are taking pictures, video or live transmissions you will have proper control over the drone with your phone.

4) High Altitude Flying

There are no heads in the DroneX Pro, and that is why you can launch it directly without thinking about position adjustments.

5) Manual Camera Mode

You can choose between the two cameras available in DroneX Pro, 720p HD and 1080p Ultra HD. These cameras provide the highest quality and professional style pictures.

6) Flying in 360o Mode

The 4 channels in DroneX Pro make it easy to rotate it to 360 degrees. This can also be rolled to improve further user experience.

7) One Key Home Button

The remote control of DroneX Pro simply has just 1 button which is the ‘One key to Return” button. DroneX Pro is very unlikely to get lost, this function makes it nearly impossible to lose it without tracks.

8) LED Light

Brighter Pictures- DroneX Pro has an LED light in the front that allows the user to shoot vivid and vibrant pictures in the night time or when it’s dark.

9) Lightweight Design

By using the high strength plastics, DroneX Pro engineers made sure this has resistance against the shock with lightweight so it gets handy.

10) Design from Future

Finally, DroneX Pro comes with 2.4 GHz technology, which is available only in the limited editions. This can cover most of the features for the beginners.


Without any further ado, we could say the DroneX Pro devils the market with its high-tech features and sturdy design.

Undoubtedly, the DroneX Pro can shoot excellent quality pictures and is a charming companion for you to carry on the most adventurous times. 

Whether you are a professional photographer, video editor or a newbie who likes to take photos from above, DroneX Pro can be your guys.

The lightweight drone is easy to set up that only requires 15 mins max and is easier to use under everyone. You don’t need to be qualified to fly Drone Pro, you only need a proper control over the phone.

At this time of year, the DroneX Pro is offering photo shooting drones in a way-way affordable price.

This can bring bad news to your competitor’s tears in their eyes after they watch the 720-1080p Ultra HD pictures on your wall.

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