How Big is Too BIG? Women’s Perception about Average Dick Size

Sexual health of men is sometimes identified by the size of their penis.

Women love guys with big dicks, but that’s not the case always, during sex it would be much better if you have a large penis which women mostly enjoy.

But that doesn’t mean his dick size should be outrageous.

women perception of dick size

What is Average Dick Size?

In some parts of the world, many women complain about the massive penis size, which spoils their sexual experience, mostly due to pain.

Having a large dick is a blessing but having a dick bigger than 8 inches can be annoying and sometimes really complicated.

8-inch dick can sometimes be very hurting because there is a maximum chance you will hit her cervix which is, of course, kind of painful.

This is why many men feel bad to have sex because they cannot simply hurt their partner.

Penis and Vagina Size

They both vary with each other because they are associated with different genders.

According to science, an average erect penis is 33% longer than the average vaginal deepness.

average dick size
average penis size

It doesn’t mean you can’t insert while you are hard, a vagina can expand during sex due to increased blood flow, which sometimes also allows it to take the longer one.

But that’s not what happens to every female and not every male has an eight to nine-inch dick.

A research conducted by world-class sexologists in 2015 concluded that the average penis size is what that doesn’t hit the female cervix.

Well, that’s an interesting point, but most men do not pay attention to that.

So What’s the Perfect Size?

We live in a world where most women lie about their level of satisfaction.

Nevertheless, you should know that the term “small dick” exists.

You might have a stronger and hard penis but some men do not, for they have an average dick size 4-5 inch which is generally called smaller.

When we talk about woman’s intense emotions which are aroused by the insertion, anything that is shorter than 5 inches is considered useless to them.

what is the average penis size
Perfect penis size

Although the average vaginal deepness is 5 inches, still some woman can hold 9-inch dick.

This is because the vagina can adjust their size according to the size of your penis which is natural.

By this point, we can openly say the perfect size is between 6.5 to 7.6 inches which will keep her satisfied.

It’s not like guys with below average size can’t please their women, but the intensity would be mild per se.

And it also depends on the region you live in, mostly Asians guys have the smaller dick than the rest of the region but some of them also develop longer penis which is, of course, happens anywhere.

Globally, the average penis size is 5.75 inches which are almost 6 inches.

Girth Matters A lot

Many of us ignore the fact that it’s the girth of the penis that delivers the high-grade pleasure not the length.

Girth to many people is known as Circumference of a penis which defines its thickness and agility.

Like penis length, the girth should not also be outrageous which makes it difficult for a woman to handle.

The average penis girth must be around 5.5-6 inches above which it can damage the elasticity of the vaginal walls.

How Big is Too Big?

Women can handle guys with big dicks, but we are talking about abnormally long size.

average penis girth
Penis Girth

Bigger penis with 10 inches length is considered dangerous for a woman, but that’s not the case with everyone.

Sometimes the big which is too big for women depends on their mood, means if she is not aroused there’s a chance you might hurt her from inside.

This is why it is advised to use lubricants in order to fix the issue.

Another situation is where she has been taking different drugs like contraceptive pills, anti-allergy or other potent formulations.

These medications can make the vagina dehydrated and upon vigorous rubbing on the dried walls, she might feel extreme pain and discomfort.

The point is, there is no version of “How big is too Big” unless she is totally out of the mood and sexually inactive.

This can also shift the blame to men if they are solely relying on their dick size, which makes them selfish and less intimidating in bed.

Perks of having Large Penis

We are talking about decent, caring and most of all a man who is not selfish in bed.

Men with extraordinary penis size can either perform the ideal sex or ruins it completely. The requirement of “foreplay” is that’s why essential.

Small dicks are hard to insert and you have to switch to multiple positions until you find a suitable one.

Such hard works are not associated with larger penises, rather you have to touch it to the opening and it will slip right inside. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about her tightness which requires you to be gentle.

Pornstars depict the ideal state of deep penetration where the only moan as they hear coming from pleasure.

Note: Having a dick ranges from 7-9 inches doesn’t need to be inserted at once. Instead, you can eventually build a connection with slow and little penetration and maybe you can get her ideal state where she can take it ALL!!!

How to Turn Small dick into Big Penis?

Definitely not the penis enlargement surgery or the other awful products you see every day online.

Penis is more than important and quite delicate organs which upon taking different medications can be affected.

You have seen many penis enhancers which surely do their tricks, but again, are you ready for the dreadful side effects?

The most common effects are the loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, which is caused by the over-use of penis enlargement products.

Whereas, natural ways to increase penis size are becoming popular this has captured the attention of many men.

Male Extra – Natural Way to Increase Penis Size

It is not like the fake penis enhancement creams or pills you see on the internet.

Male Extra is all NATURAL when it comes to the ingredients.

Male Extra Pills

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These 2 main functions are achieved due to the enhanced blood circulation to the penile region where the blood supply was completely depleted.

If you have a small dick there is 90% chance you are not getting enough blood supply to the main penile cells which hold the size generating process.

It’s not the effects, but the reviews from different people which makes Male Extra the highest sold penis enlargement supplement across the world.

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Ingredients in Male Extra

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Benefits of Male Extra

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Dick size is something every female talk about these days.

Buy Male ExtraIt’s not the ancient time we live in where people were so much restricted about their sexual health.

With the advancement of modern science not only your sexuality can be enhanced but also the size of your penis.

What women think about penis size is something changes with time and their partners.

Not every man is an ignoramus when it comes to handling a penis but some men get really rough even when they have a longer size dick.

That is why it is mostly said by women “It is not about the size of your man, it’s about how strong your penmanship is”.

In order to deliver a high-grade orgasm, you must have a penis size of 6 or 6.5 inches while 6 inches is the ideal girth, which is why many men go for the penis enlargement surgeries.

Not to mention the procedure is highly expensive as well as risky for your penis.

If you are worried about your small dick, best you can do is buy and try Male Extra for once.

If it won’t work which is highly unlikely, it is guaranteed that you won’t be getting any side effects either which is something you should go for.